Regain your energy and confidence.

Get back to the job you love.

Life comes to a grinding halt when you have debilitating fatigue and uncomfortable weight gain. When you're too sick to fulfill your responsibilities and you feel invisible in front of your doctor who offers no real solutions, you may be losing hope with every passing minute. But there's a part of you that still believes you will find the answers you're looking for.

You have the power to create harmony in your body and in your life, and you don't have to do it alone.

Health is an inside job and YOU are in the driver's seat.

I call shotgun.

  • You drag yourself out of bed in the morning... and you can't wait to fall back in A.S.A.P.

  • Laundry and dishes are piling up - you can barely stand long enough to finish basic tasks.

  • Your clothes don't fit - you feel bloated and gross.

  • You wish you had enough energy to exercise.

  • Your doctors make you feel invisible and crazy because all your labs are "fine."

  • You've tried all the things and you're still not better.

  • You're beginning to wonder if you'll ever be normal again.

Whether this has been your story for weeks or months or years, there is always hope. 

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood. Everyone deserves to thrive.

Quality Care Agreement

  1.  I promise to bring my A-Game to each session.

  2.  Clients who set realistic goals, commit to the process and follow through (even when it's tough!) will get results. I am only part of this partnership - I will build the bridge and you will take the steps to cross it.

  3.  The plan we develop together will be uniquely yours; the content and pace is based on what is right for you.

  4.  We go step-by-step - consistent effort adds up over time and leads to success.

  5.  I offer email support between appointments so that you can stay on track and reach your goals faster.

If you do today what you did yesterday,

then you'll be no better off tomorrow.

Catch a vision of yourself thriving so that you can get back to what is most meaningful in your life. It may be work, family, friends and community, or spirituality and your bigger purpose, or it may be something else entirely. Whatever it is, you need to be healthy and strong because the world needs you, and you cannot pour from an empty cup.

I'd be honored to help you reach your goals. Let's see if we're a good fit!

1) Click the I'm ready! button above and fill out the Strategy Session Application

2) I will contact you to schedule a call

3) If we're a good fit, we will make a plan that works for you

4) We will execute that plan together

5) You will feel better, faster

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