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Drug-Free Anxiety Relief  

A Mind-Body-Soul Approach

Paralyzed by constant worry and fear?

Struggling to complete even basic tasks and feeling like a failure?

Praying for relief so you can stop feeling like a burden to your friends and family?

After 13+ years of anxiety I can honestly say I've been there. I know how scary it is to feel revved up, dizzy, cold, sweaty, and nauseated when all you want is to live a normal life. 

I remember pacing my bedroom in the middle of the night,  filled with panic and dread, wishing I could just get out of my body.

I also remember the overwhelming loneliness because it seemed that nobody could help me.

If you've been let down by band-aid solutions and coping strategies, I have some good news -

You are NOT a lost cause. 

With the right approach you can feel safe in your body.

With the right approach you can confidently navigate your daily life with more ease.

With the right approach you can establish a self-care plan that nourishes your mind, body and soul.


Because everything is connected, the solution will only be effective if it addresses all 4.

Physical body - sleep, food, water and movement

Mental body - thought patterns and beliefs

Emotional body - feelings about what you experience

Spiritual body - connection to all that is

You are a unique individual with unique experiences which have contributed to the anxiety you feel.

The solution is an individualized, comprehensive plan that addresses your unique needs.

Wholistic Chill Pill Program

  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions

  • Voxer support for questions or issues that arise in between sessions

  • Cohort community support

  • Surprise gifts along the way!

  • Get off of the daily emotional rollercoaster

  • Feel calmer than you have in a long time… or maybe ever!

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energized

  • Digest easily and efficiently 

  • Have an increased overall sense of well-being and a genuine smile

  • Have the tools necessary to live a peaceful life

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