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Fear and Anxiety

Do you avoid:

  • Leaving your house?

  • Socializing with friends?

  • Going places too far from home?

  • Going to movie theaters, stadiums, or other crowded places?

Do you have trouble:

  • Sleeping?

  • Managing your emotions?

  • Getting into a state of relaxation?

  • Turning off the negative thoughts that are on repeat in your mind?


Fear is a normal signal that we are hard-wired to receive when we are in danger. This "fight or flight" response is meant to keep us alive - we are not meant to live there all the time. When your cup is always full, any amount of stress makes it spill over, resulting in more fear and discomfort. You may lash out or retreat because you just cannot handle one. more. thing. You may even have medication so you can just make it stop.


I've totally been there and it's awful.

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