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Lucy Grace Yaldezian

Specializing in integrative, mind-body-spirit techniques to relieve panic, anxiety, phobias and infertility since 1992.  My areas of expertise become your non-drug solutions: hypnotherapy, energy therapies (EFT, TAT) and The Vimala System of Handwriting. 


My work also complements conventional medical treatments for conditions such as IBS, cancer, anxiety, chronic pain and high blood pressure.  Are you interested in identifying and healing emotional components of a physical condition?  I can help. 


Safe and effective for adults, teens and children. Teens especially love the empowering techniques I teach them to help with test anxiety, self-esteem and improved sports performance.  


Although I do offer videochat and phone sessions, my office is a sanctuary where you can relax and remember who you are.  Customized relaxation and guided imagery I record just for you allow you to transport the healing energy of my office to your home or work.   


I invite you to visit my award-winning website where you can download FREE 10-minute relaxations and sign up for my free monthly e-newsletter: Also, look for A Higher Perspective on Facebook. 


For solid training and experience … genuine caring and compassion … go see Lucy! 


Misty Thompson


Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Assertiveness Coach, an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Speaker, Teacher, and a Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner.


Sung Kim, LAc & Susan Ko, LAc


Our goal is to set you on the path to optimal health and well-being.  Health is not just the absence of symptoms, but vitality rooted in internal harmony and balance. This balance allows us to create and enjoy the life that we want. 

Every illness occurs within a context and as part of our treatment, we address lifestyle, nutrition, environmental, constitutional and other factors to determine the course of care.  When we address the underlying imbalances and stressors, longstanding illness can be healed.

As part of our mission to prevent disease and encourage long term wellness, we provide tools and knowledge for self care as part of our collaborative work with our patients.

Pleasanton Pilates


At Pleasanton Pilates our emphasis is on private and very small class sizes. Our authentically-trained and certified instructors will provide detailed instruction tailored to what your body needs.

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