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"At just the young age of 16, I found out that I had been diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease. At that point, I had pretty much thought that my life was over. I had believed that I would be taking medications for the rest of my life, having to deal with the extreme side effects that unfortunately come along with taking pills. But then I met Cristina, who I can proudly say has positively changed my life and has given me hope that I can get through this and live my life worry free about my next autoimmune attack. Cristina has helped me change up my diet and lead a healthier lifestyle. She is truly a kind and supportive person, who I know is always a text away whenever I need advice or just want to check-in. She has taught me so much about my condition and how I can better improve it with a simple change of my diet. With her help, I now feel better and better every single day. No more pounding headaches that last all day, no more feeling as though I'm about to pass out any minute from now. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to schedule a session with her because I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She has helped me tremendously and I'm just one person." - T. A.

"When I met Cristina I knew immediately she was going to be a great fit for helping me heal my gut issues.  Not only is she kind-hearted and thoughtful but she is tremendously passionate about helping others heal their bodies and become their own health advocates.  Cristina looks at her patients as a whole mind, body and soul conducting a very thorough evaluation looking deeply into your past health issues and tries to understand your mental state as well. She is constantly asking questions, researching and educating her patients.  

Cristina helped me narrow down some of the issues with my gut and almost immediately identified which foods were triggering some of the symptoms. I would highly recommend Cristina!" - J. P.

"Cristina Moidel and I met over six years ago when our now 5th graders began kindergarten at Alisal elementary together here in Pleasanton. During the six years, I've watched Cristina transform her and her family's downhill spiral of health into a vibrant, rejuvenated, energetic life. Along the journey, she has given me such pointed advice for my family's health as we have had numerous food allergies to navigate. From her transformation and guidance with my family's health, I can strongly recommend Hope for Healing to anyone struggling to navigate a path to health and healing." T. P.

"Working with Cristina Moidel on my diet and well being has been very productive for me over the past three months. When we first met I was having a lot of stomach problems from acid reflux, bloating and feeling full all the time. Cristina understood exactly what I was describing and genuinely empathized with me, so I could tell that she had experienced the same digestive problems. Cristina helped me identify some foods that were making me feel sick and she helped me find alternatives. My digestive symptoms have decreased significantly and I also lost some weight.

Cristina is easy to talk to, open minded and well versed in the areas of nutrition. She provided resources and articles for me to read so that I could decide what to change and how it might help.

None of these health problems will get fixed overnight and it takes consistent effort to get better. If you are committed, it will work. Feeling better is well worth the time and money I've invested. I finally have some hope that I can be happy and healthy, and I feel so grateful to have this partnership." M. W. G.

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