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Wheat Belly. That’s how it all started. Almost six years ago my oldest sister read the book Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD, and she told me that she was going to do a gluten-free trial to see if it would help her eczema. It got me wondering what a gluten-free diet could do for me, so I tried it too, and the results changed my life. I easily lost 10 pounds (partly because I drastically reduced the amount of processed foods I was eating), and I also lost half a shoe size. Apparently I had a lot of inflammation in my body, and up until then I had no idea that food mattered. It’s sort of embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do... and then what?!

Well, I knew I wasn’t feeling amazing in my body or in my life before the diet change, but I honestly didn’t realize what I had been settling for. I knew I had experienced measurable improvements afterwards: weight loss, fewer aches and pains, and less anxiety. I knew it was a direct result from eliminating gluten grains and cutting out most processed foods because it was the only thing I had changed. I didn’t exercise more, meditate, or do yoga. Changing your diet and lifestyle habits can seem so freaking impossible sometimes. Your brain works very hard to keep you where you are, to keep you safe. But when you allow the fear of something new to stop you from making progress, then you can expect to be tomorrow where you are today, and every day thereafter.

The two most important things I discovered and want you to know:

It is possible for you to feel better and it is up to you to make it happen.

My diet change inspired by my sister and Wheat Belly was a catalyst, the beginning of my journey back to health, but not really “back to health,” more like, “back to better than ever before health.” I saw the potential and got curious. Imagine what you could do. See the potential. Get curious. Commit to doing something different - anything different is a blessing, even when it leads to something you find undesirable, because it’s movement. Be observant. When you feel like something is off, trust your gut, course correct and actively choose again.

I share my stories hoping to be a catalyst; impacting just one life in a positive way makes all the crap I've gone through worth it. So, is today your day? Is this the moment you decide to make a different choice? To take a different action? All things are possible for you and the power of creation is yours.

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